MUSLIMS IN AMERICA: Religious Identy In The Age of Citizenship

MUSLIMS IN AMERICA  Religious Identy In The Age of Citizenship
MUSLIMS IN AMERICA  Religious Identy In The Age of Citizenship

To discuss about Islam in Amerika is to examine the development of new belief of certain immigrants which is very different from the one of the natives (Indians) and the firsly came European immigrants. Islam, regarded as the fastest growing religion in America is at first an immigrant phenomenon. Immigrants come to seek better economic condition and more stable political life. When both achieved, though, the memory of the of origin reemerges. Identity is strengthened, groups areformed , and activities are held. Then come the next generation of immigrants, the second generation, who also concerned with their origin and tradition, but this time bounded with the new land which makes the overlapping identities grow in such a complex way.

This book is the result of the author’s research during one-year stay in Santa Barbara, in the west coast of California,USA. The goal of this book is to explore the life of Muslims in America, in particular Santa seeks to understand hw Islam as a miniority groups survives in American culture  which is complex yet very different from Indonesiansituation where Muslims become majority. Its main objective is,  therefore, to understand the similiarities and differences betweenthe experience of Muslims in America and that one of those in Indonesia. In  general, this study focuses on the issue of negotiation between religion  and its new place which  creates dilemma between identity and modernity.

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