SCIENCE As A Humanity Phenomena

SCIENCE As A Humanity Phenomena
SCIENCE As A Humanity Phenomena

Science is a charateristic way whic can differentiate between human and another creature. The creation scientific human made cosmic of angel shocking, basic questions of angle arose a chaotic condition: “Will you place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, – while we glorify. You with praises and thanks and satisfy You?’’1 God show us that His plans were not false, it is proved that His creation (Adam) as symbol of mankind whose superiority than others, the superiority of human is having knowledge, so all creatures obeyed him (Adam) except iblis (satan) and the duty of mankind is conquer and control  iblis (satan), as symbol of human duty processing potensia to actus.

Science as sign of human existence, also it is a certainty for human in facing life. There are 3 (three) reasons human to be “scientific” for keeping their values as creature and they can face life optimally. First, human not ready yet lived in the “first world” which had meaning pure world, a pure nature and  without ciilization. Even animals ready to used, walk in and live in the pure nature. Animals live optimally within two reasons; they are in suitable habitat, for example in the case of goat, a suitable habitat for goat is meadow and spouse of sexual. Value of creature is an absolute certainty which unrejectable for animals and other low grades creatures. This is become a reason of animals and other creatures not to develop their knowledge for living, beside that, they have no responsiblity to God. Mankind lives in “the seond world’ which means process and civilization. Human are not merely eating rice, rice must be processed by pounding and it is served with side dishes, even before eating there must be ‘a ceremony” starting from sitting ia a chair, using spoon and fork, not permitted to speak aloud and so on up to serious or sacred matter such as praying to God before eating. In such matter, men enter into “the third world” which means world of values. Values here for example, clothes not only function as cover o body, but theye also have esthetics meaning such as colouring clothes and certain branded meaning prestige or even clothes symbolize ethics, such as veil. Second, human beings are creature who dissatisfied to what they have done or achieved2. It was draw about Adam who ate”living tree” as symbol of this dissatisfying to what he done as human being. The very basic problem is how far this dissatisfied feeling of human be acceptable as a proper way in development of their knowledge. Because dissatisfy have meaning creativity and also frequently means destructivity. Ki Ageng Suryomentaram in this teaching of Kradamangsa definies that the desire of human typically elastics. The passion for dominating and having something getting increase and increase. For example, if the desire of having a bicycle is achieved, the passion to be have motorcycle will arise. Having a motorcycle, then they want a car and so far, as if the world would hold in hand. Basically, there is a kind of “natural mechanism” to minimize the desire and entertain it at the same time if it is not achieved. Example of “natural mechanism” is in cases of having a car is failed, so it is enough tobe have motorcycle, or it is good of having a bicycle rather than just go on foot, or it is lucky could go on foot rather than paralyzed. So managing dissatisfy feeling into a transcendent spiritual dimension which proceeds creativity is an important work of humanity. The interesting expression of getting a certain attention is that there is a restrain between creativity and destructivity , proliferation and shatter. Not only medern work of human as proceeds of creativity of development of science, it is also bring about destructive impacts. The pollution of vehicle contaminate air, unrecycled waste such as plastics are examples of destructive one. Beside that, exaggerate ozone harmful human living. Nature has opposite effects of those destructive. “The destruction” of dry leaves get fertile soil, “destroyed” fruits that contain vitamins turn into prime substance of human living. Ever human waste or animal manure are very useful in constructing soil, it is not destructive but it caused a good one. These nature affects are contrasttoward pollution caused by CO2 of vehicle and factories. Human should reconstruct their mind to learn law of nature about creativity and destructivity. The basic of development of science obviously emerge from necessity of life and dissatisfied feeling of human. Third, human has immaterial and psychically questions surrounding the meaning and objective of life, live after death must be answered properly for guarding human orientation of life. Naturally, human is an “unrest” creature, these are phenomena which no other creature never have, or even angels, Restlessnessof human arising religion a vital necessity, yearning spirituality, arts and beauty turn into desire, love getting their adhere and strength of life. Restlessness clearly sign that human have hopes and dreams.

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